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The world is getting smaller. Peoples get much more chance to live in other country. Like myself, I found my entire electricity stus need adapters when I moved to Canada from China. There were 10+ adapters needed, TV, DVD, Computer, laptop, toaster, fan, lamps, etc. So I was dreaming a socket which can works for all kind of plugs nicely.


Bloom inspiration from the “Simplexity” or the art of giving an object with complex functions an apparent simplicity. It is a playful contact that interacts delightfully between “Blooms” with people, with environment.


A Uni-body design is made by a rubberized flexible material. The rubberized material provides a perfect nonconductive protection for internal metal parts. The socket contact holes are separated to three isolate branches, they are adjustable by elastic material. It provide a naturally movement by simply pinch thethree branches.



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